Afterschool Enrichment Program

Our goal for the Afterschool Program is to introduce tennis to elementary school children and create a love for the game.  We will be developing their sense of body control as well as create a understanding of what its like to participate in sports as well as learn how to compete in a fair and equitable manner.

We will supply all of the equipment necessary to teach your child tennis including tennis racquets, tennis balls, nets etc.  The only thing your child will need to bring is a water bottle and a great attitude. 

Clinics @ Playa Vista

This program is designed to develop a love for tennis by utilizing the most cutting edge techniques for tennis players.  Our goal is to develop your child’s enjoyment of tennis and athletics in general.  We will teach your child to have a great foundation of athletic skills that can be applied to many sports.

If you have younger children, we are situated next to a great playground that you can watch your child play as well as watch your other child learn tennis.  Parking is super convenient as well in the Playa Vista Sports Park lot too!

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